Using GifToSyphon.

About GifToSyphon

GifToSyphon Interface.

Powered by the awesome Giphy search engine, a Mac VJ with an Internet connection can now instantly pull tagged GIFs from a huge online library and use them directly in their favorite Syphon enabled video application.

When not connected to the net GifToSyphon can also still use images from its local cache or using any of your own animated GIF files. These downloaded GIFs can also be loaded into most VJ software for remixing alongside your other media files.

And a huge thanks to Giphy team and community for letting us access their repository of GIFs!

Downloading GifToSyphon

Download: GifToSyphon v1.0.0

For those who are interested in seeing how GifToSyphon works behind the scenes we’ve also open sourced the code on GitHub:

Video Tutorial

For more information watch the GifToSyphon video tutorial.

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