Using the ISF Editor.

ISF Editor

When creating new ISF based generators and FX for use in VDMX or other supported applications, one of the most useful tools is the free ISF Editor.

While you can use any text editor to work with ISF files, the ISF Editor includes several useful features such as:

  • Live preview of output from the shader.
  • Create new ISF shaders from a useful starter template.
  • Use movies, images, Syphon, and camera inputs as test feeds for FX.
  • Publishes final output to Syphon for live use or preview in other applications.
  • Error message display for debugging.
  • Preview any render pass for debugging multi-pass shaders.
  • Imports (some) shaders from GLSL Sandbox and Shadertoy.

Downloading The ISF Editor

Latest release: ISF Editor

Using ISF Compositions in VDMX

Visit the ISF in VDMX page for more information on this topic.

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