Introduction to ISF For Motion.

ISF For Motion Manual

About ISF For Motion

The ISF For Motion app enables usage of GLSL generators, effects and transitions written in the ISF specification in Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X.

ISF For Motion can be installed from the Mac App Store.

FAQ and Features

The FAQ and feature list contains answers to many of the commonly asked questions about how to use ISF for Motion.

ISF for Motion Online Documentation

In this manual overview you can find information related to using ISF shaders in Motion and FCP X, along with several other useful links.

ISF in Motion
Using the “Noise” and “Broken LCD” ISF shaders in Motion.

Using ISF for Motion in Motion

The basics of using ISF shaders in Motion.

This topic is also available as a video tutorial: Using ISF Shaders in Motion

Using ISF for Motion in FCP X

The basics of using ISF shaders in Final Cut Pro X.

This topic is also available as a video tutorial: Using ISF Shaders in FCP X

Creating, Importing and Converting Custom Shaders

The generators, filters and transitions included ISF for Motion and FCP X are just the starting point. In this section we will look at some of the tools and resources available for learning to write your own ISF shaders.

  • The ISF Editor: While you can use any standard text editor to create and remix ISF shaders, this free utility includes useful features like live preview, code highlighting and can automatically convert shaders from some other popular formats.
  • Visit the ISF sharing site to find example shaders from other artists that you can install and remix.
  • ISF Specification and Quickstart: Documentation covering the ISF specification and information on how to write your own shaders.
  • Converting Shaders to ISF: A video tutorial demonstrating converting a shader to ISF from other formats using the ISF Editor, adding published parameters to its code, and rendering it as an h.264 movie file from Motion.

Other Resources