Rendering shaders with ISF for Motion.

ISF For Motion Manual

This topic is also available as a video tutorial: Using ISF Shaders in Motion

Exporting Media From Motion

While working with dynamic ISF generators and filters is extremely useful, there are situations where you will want to render out your creations in Motion as movie files, or save them as re-usable templates.

Some example uses:

  • Render a generator shader as a high resolution / frame rate movie file to use in other software or media server.
  • Apply a filter shader to an existing media file and render as a new movie.
  • Creating compound generators, filters and transitions that make use of multiple shaders alongside built-in Motion features, to use in FCP X or other Motion projects.
  • Making shader ‘demo reels’ to upload to the web.

Rendering Movie Files

The contents of your Motion project can be exported as movie files using several methods available from the Share menu.

In most cases you will want to use either the Export Movie… or Send to Compressor… options for creating movie files, but you may also find the options useful as well.

ISF for Motion export movie
Exporting a Motion project as a movie file.

Codec Selection

When rendering movie files from Motion or FCP X, there are several choices to pick between depending on your use case.

While there are variations to choose from, the follow three are considered the most standard for usage:

  • ProRes 4444: Best choice for highest quality and includes alpha channels. Useful when loading into other software or transcoding to other formats.
  • ProRes 422: Best choice for very high quality. Useful when loading into other software or transcoding to other formats.
  • h.264: Smallest file size. Great for uploading to the web. Low to medium quality.

Other Render Settings

For more information on export options, see the Render Settings section of the Motion manual.

Creating Re-Usable Templates

For more information on creating templates, see Creating templates for shaders to use with FCP X and the Final Cut Pro templates overview section of the Motion manual.