Free sample media for VDMX and other VJ software.

Sample Media

VIDVOX Sample Media Downloads

Media Files

ID:Mora Loops
ID:Mora Loops

Here are some of the free video loop packs that we’ve sponsored from various artists over the years.

Freebie Apps

  • ProjectMilkSyphon: A free app for creating real-time audio reactive visuals that are published to Syphon.
  • GifToSyphon: Search for and download GIFs from Giphy that can be loaded into VJ software or directly published to Syphon.

Online Communities

There are lots of places online where you can find and share sample media files with other people. Here are two suggestions to get started with:

  • Our own website for sharing ISF video generators and FX to use with VDMX and other supported software.
  • The Internet Archive is one of the largest repositories for all kinds of classic videos and films in the public domain.
  • A website for sharing and publishing video loops.
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